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Ion Cleanse vs. The Competition

The IonCleanse® units are the only ionic foot baths on the market to have passed FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and CE (European Conformity) electrical safety standards. While several of our competitors claim to have the same approvals, our testing confirmed that none of the units passed all of the safety tests that the IonCleanse® Premier™ or Solo™ has.

A Major Difference, Inc. hired EMC Integrity Incorporated and Compliance Integrity Services to evaluate six ionic foot bath units. The units were tested for Radiated Emissions and evaluated based on IEC (International Electro technical Commission) Standard 60035-1. The units evaluated were:

The summary of the results is outlined in a comparison chart below. Please click on the link to view a full screen version of the chart.

We offer the best product quality and the best customer service in the ion therapy business.

If you feel your unit is not functioning properly, just call our customer service center. If we cannot resolve the problem over the phone, we will overnight a temporary unit to you, at our cost, so your downtime is minimal.

Lifetime Customer Service & Support

The use of ionization devices is far more complicated than simply putting someone’s feet in water and turning on the switch. The reason for A Major Difference’s popularity and success is the clinical support it provides to both practitioner and individual on a continuing basis. We teach you how to use the unit safely and effectively; we are available during business hours to help guide you through your personal or practice challenges and we offer ongoing educational opportunities through seminars and professional training.

Beware of Knock-Offs !

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in the case of our IonCleanse® product, the imitations are mostly cheap junk with little resemblance to the quality parts, circuit design and safety features of the IonCleanse® product. Furthermore, most of the knock-offs and other competitive units have not passed the mandatory FCC, electrical safety, and other mandatory tests required to be sold in the United States to households or to a commercial business.

What could go wrong?

(1) Electric Shock Hazard – This can result if a poorly designed unit is repeatedly overloaded. A thin piece of paper insulation in the power transformer is all that separates the array output from the 120 volt AC power line input. If the paper insulator in the transformer is overheated repeatedly because the array has been overloaded, it may fail. The resulting failure could expose your client to 120 volts AC with amperages that pose an extreme hazard. The IonCleanse® has passed and is certified as specified under Electrical Safety by Council Directive 73/23/EEC EN60335-1-2002. The power supply is protected from overload and has been tested to comply with UL standards for leakage current and for electrical shock hazard.

(2) Premature System Failures – A poorly designed power supply connected to an array circuit without a current limiter will cause the circuit and array to fail prematurely. The IonCleanse® unit was designed to prevent damage to the control unit under normal operation due to poor water conditions or operator error. We show the power output readings to the array in volts and amps. If a condition occurs that can damage the unit, the computer program will warn the operator and shut off the array. As a result our failure rate is less than 1 unit in 1,000 sold. Some of the other units on the market have failure rates as high as 80 to 100 percent.

(3) Poor Power Supply Filtering – Unregulated and unfiltered alternating current (AC) flows will interfere with the body’s electrical system. Side effects from this phenomenon include but are not limited to: fatigue, dizziness, physical weakness, depression, disorientation, headache and increased electrical sensitivity. Many of the knock-off units we have tested show high levels of AC ripple in the array circuit due to poor power supply design. The IonCleanse® unit provides a clean, noise free DC output to the array. If a fault or overload occurs, the internal safety circuits will warn the operator and disable the array output.

(4) Static Interference – Static discharges are common in the dryer winter months. A static spark from the human body can cause the destruction of the computer control circuit board or make the unit operate in an unsafe or unexpected manner. The IonCleanse® has been tested and certified to meet the standards of EMC (89/336/EEC and amendments). One of the many tests of this standard is to place an 8,000 volt discharge on every surface of the IonCleanse® control unit. The unit must operate perfectly in order to pass this test.

(5) Federal Regulations – All electronic equipment using computer chip or switching power supply may generate radio frequencies. These devices must pass tests for compliance with FCC regulations in order to qualify for public sale in the United States. The IonCleanse® has passed and is certified under FCC class B by the Hewlett Packard Hardware Test Center, which is accredited by A2LA (accreditation No. 905.01)

How can you tell if a vendor’s unit is safe?

Listed above are several exhibits with over 150 pages of test reports detailing all the tests passed by the IonCleanse® attesting to its safety. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) mandates that any product that uses a computer chip must pass these radio emission tests before it can be sold to the public. Ask your vendor for his FCC certification report and for their UL and CE safety certifications to make sure you are purchasing a safe unit. Get the full laboratory report!

Secondary Considerations

Detoxification is not a simple process, especially for people on medication. None of the vendors I’ve spoken with understand how an ion type detoxification unit operates during the detoxification process. How can a practitioner expect to consult with the maker of one of these knock-off devices when they do not understand the operating principles of the technology they are selling? We have highly trained doctors on our staff, and we do clinical consults to help you work with your more challenging clients. What do the other vendors offer? The Ion Cleanse is not recommended for Pregnant or Nursing Women, Anyone with a Pacemaker, Children under 4 Years old or anyone that has metal joints or discomfort from any metal in the body.


We are a eight-year-old company and we are now distributing our fourth generation of ionization therapy devices. We always use the highest quality parts with built-in safety features. We are certified under several U.S. and international safety standards.

Our company AMD was founded in 2002 by Dr. Bob Moroney. Bob was the pioneer researcher of footbath technology in the US in 1999. After a couple of years with some basic models, he used what he had learned to design the IonCleanse® by AMD System with its patented dual polarity array, the best the technology has to offer. His interest in health and detoxification, which evolved from a life-threatening health crisis in 1982, led him to research the cutting edge of what alternative medicine had to offer. He found his focus when he discovered ionic footbaths and developed the IonCleanse unit. The mission became clear to him over time, summed up in our slogan “detoxifying the planet two feet at a time.”® Since its inception AMD has sold over 15,000 ionic foot bath units. Its continued success makes the IonCleanse by AMD #1 in the marketplace. All of our products, including the IonCleanse Premier® and Solo® units, are manufactured right here in the United States. Our engineers have over 100 years of combined experience. Likewise, each IonCleanse by AMD is assembled by hand and sent through rigorous quality control measures to ensure customer satisfaction.

Since all of our operations are located in Colorado, our customers experience the convenience of:

Same-day shipping on most product orders
Overnight warranty repair service
Customer service agents available during the week
Bob’s legacy lives on through AMD, his son, and his wife. Here are some inspirational quotes from Bob that have shaped AMD’s culture and philosophy to this day:

“If you want to change the world, change your mind.”
“In adversity there is opportunity.”
“Don’t believe anything you see on TV.”
“I’ll bend over backwards. I won’t bend over forwards.”

And with that, we leave you with our mission statement:

To improve health and wellness with detoxification.

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